Monday, June 14, 2010

I have been radiated...or something like that

Well, 1 down, 32 to go.  Radiation started today, and it wasn't too bad!  I made the horrible mistake of looking at photos online of breast cancer radiation (I will spare you the trauma by not providing links...), and I think they put burn victims there instead of radiation looked horrifically painful and....just awful.  So, by the time I got to my appointment today, I was half-expecting flames to come shooting out of the machine.  I guess chemo didn't dull my imagination down at all!  Anyway, thankfully there were no flames, and it was pretty low-key.  

I still do not like being strapped down to the board, but this was at least much quicker than the mapping appointments, and maybe by the time I've had 20 of these, I'll be more used to it.  At any rate, it's so much better than chemo that I can't complain too much.  I'll have radiation 5 days a week for 33 days, so I think my last time will be July 29. I'm looking forward to it!

Speaking of chemo, it has been a little over 3 weeks now since my last treatment - and I am so thankful!  Every day, I think about the fact that I am done and and I am so thankful.  I am still very, very tired - even though I get a little bit of energy back as time goes on, I still have to take a lot of breaks.  I still get a little achy more easily, but I think that is in part because I'm moving around a lot more, and my muscles are having to get used to being up off the couch again!  This past weekend, I was able to feel a little bit more like I had a "normal" life - I went out for coffee, ran errands, baked bread and muffins, and did stuff around the house that I had been wanting to do.  Even though I had to rest a lot, it felt so good to be able to do those kinds of things again!

My fuzz is getting longer and thicker - even Dave said he could tell a difference!  I showed the nurse today at radiation, she seemed impressed. :)  It's still pretty light, but I'm still just excited to have anything!  To my dismay, I still have no eyelashes, nor any signs of them coming in, but I'm still looking forward to them coming back.  Hopefully soon.  And, my eyebrows are starting to show signs of coming back in!  They're not here yet, but they're on their way. 

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