Friday, October 8, 2010

17 forms turned in, 953 to go.....

Well, we went to our first adoption meeting this past week, and it was....overwhelming.  We learned a lot about what we'll be learning, if that makes sense.  We got to turn in the first set of forms, which included our official adoption application!  Next, we have to take 10 weeks of classes, do a home-study, complete oodles and oodles of paperwork, get licensed, then kids can get placed with us (that's the short version).   The next set of classes starts in early November, but it's on a first-come, first-serve basis.  If we don't get into those classes, we have to wait until January or possibly February. :(

In order to get into the November classes, we have to pass our background checks (fingers crossed......j/k!).  In order to get the background checks processed, we had to send in our fingerprints.  To get fingerprints done, we had to go to the police station, where they took us back to the prisoner-place with the cells and such, which was really creepy.  It was the same room where they take all the people who have done bad things and do mug shots and everything.  It was fairly intimidating to me, so I don't think that I would make a very good criminal, if for no other reason than I'd be afraid of jail.  But, we got our fingerprints done, and sent in, so now we wait to see how fast our background checks go through to see which class we get into!

I'm already getting the feeling that we'll be doing a lot of the "hurry up and wait" thing, which isn't my strong suit, but I believe God will use it to build patience in me, so you can pray for that. 

In the meantime, we're so excited to be finally taking actual steps towards adoption.  We nervous and excited, slightly intimidated, yet eagerly anticipating meeting the children that God has for us!!

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