Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Top 5 incidents that prove Yarbo is a coffee fiend.

Yarbo -photo from schoneyphoto.com
1. When he was little and only a few pounds, he snatched several errant coffee beans off the floor, and ran around the yard for literally 30 minutes without stopping.

2.  He always stands right next to me when I'm making coffee - which he doesn't even do when meat is involved!  He is always ready and on guard to snatch additional errant beans.

3.  He does not get into our kitchen trash (which has a lid on it), except when I throw away my caribou coffee cups.  He will go to great lengths to sneak the cup out of the trash.  One time he even hid the lid to the cup behind a bookcase.  I didn't realize that until I caught him going back for it later!

4.  Last week I caught him sipping my coffee directly out of my mug!  He got quite a bit before I noticed.  This was frustrating not only because he was really hyper, but also because he ruined my coffee.  Double trouble.

5.  Tonight, Dave brought me home a $2 white mocha from Caribou, and they always put those little chocolate-covered espresso beans on the lid for you.  I love them because if you leave them there for a few minutes, they get all soft and melty.  But I digress.  Tonight, I took one step away from my latte, and the next time I turned around, Yarbo had eaten my bean, and I could swear to you he was smiling as he was licking his chops.

I guess he gets it from me. (not the trash part.  I leave the cups there.  Just the love of coffee.)

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