Friday, February 11, 2011

We got the Stamp of APPROVAL!

We were notified that our homestudy has been APPROVED!  We are so excited.  Thrilled, really!

We knew there would be obstacles to overcome in our homestudy, and are so thankful that God allowed it to be approved the first time through. We're so excited! Our paperwork still has to be processed (seems like there's always a reason to wait for something!), but it's officially approved.  This also means there will be a break in the deluge of paperwork we've been doing.  Woo hoo!

Once we get our actual license in the mail, then we can start working towards finding a match. Since we stated that we are not currently interested in having foster children, but only children who are cleared for adoption, it could still take awhile. Or it might not.  Hard to say! As a planner, that's not what I want to hear, but as believers in Christ, we're still trusting that God has everything in His control.  We know He will work everything for our good, as well as the good of our future children - and also for His glory, and we are resting in His promises.

We would really appreciate continued prayers through the matching process. With any phone call we get, we can ask questions, and say yes or no to individual cases. We anticipate this being a time where we ask God for much wisdom and discernment, and would appreciate prayers along those lines.

Hard to believe we made it this far through the process!  We have desired kids for so long, and it finally feels like they could be just around the corner.  We can hardly wait to meet them!


  1. OH YAY!!! I am SO EXCITED for you two and am looking forward to "meeting the kids" via the blog :)

  2. HOW AWESOME. Praise the Lord! I will pray for you guys and the timing would be in God's hand. I got goosebumps reading this!!!