Friday, March 25, 2011

Field Trip!

In my quest to eliminate soy, artificial hormones, and such from our diet in a way that doesn't drain our bank accounts, I am going on a field trip today with some friends.  

We'll be checking out a local creamery (well, half hour a way.  We do live in the middle of the city, after all), in effort to find good foods and a good price.  I'm specifically looking at milk and eggs and such, all of which are hormone/anti-biotic free.  They also said they offer foods locally made by 99 different Iowa families!  I love the chance to buy fresh foods and support local farmers, but also have to keep our budget and spending caps in mind.   Fingers are crossed!

I'll have to let you know how it goes.  But until then, do any of the rest of you have any tips on how you find local foods at a good price?  I'm taking any and all ideas!


  1. Tony and I both enjoyed our ice cream last night, delicious!

  2. You might check out She's a blogger from Nebraska who does organic/hormone-free/free-range/healthy foods and she has some good resources for where to find such foods. Her main resource is Azure Standard, which doesn't help me because they don't have any drop-offs in Ohio :-( but they might have some in Iowa.