Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Reason #629 why Dave is awesome.

There are lots of reasons that Dave is great.  He knows my favorite Easter candy, he's great at giving hugs, and knows just how to touch my heart.

And, while I haven't actually kept track of all the ways he is awesome, I feel certain that 629 is low-balling the number a bit.

For example:

Just after lunch, I suddenly heard the garage door open, and Yarbo went nuts.  Then, in walked Dave, and gave me bunches of daffodils buds!  I was super excited, just at that.  Then, he told me that I would need something to put them in.  I was tempted to tell him we have vases, but decided to keep that to myself.  I was glad I did, because then he walked around the corner with the vase to put them in!

The vase was one I had seen at the mall while shopping for someone else.  I had mentioned that the vase was just begging for daffodils to put in it, but I didn't think much of it after that.  Apparently Dave remembered!

Then, to further warm my already toasty heart, when I asked what they were for, he said, "Because it's Spring in our house."

Aren't they just a lovely burst of warmth, especially with all that snow in the background?  I can't wait to see them bloom!

And, on top of it all, they are daffodils that benefit the American Cancer Society, and he bought enough of them so that his company would match the donation.  Double score!

See, isn't he awesome?

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