Monday, April 4, 2011

April Goals

I've been thinking about these goals for a little while, and while we're 4 days into April, better to post goals late than to not set/post them at all, right?  So, here's what I'm thinking about.

Dave and I started doing the couch to 5k running plan last week, and we're kind of excited.  Truthfully, I don't love it most of the time, but I can picture myself loving it someday, so I'm glad we're doing it.  So, I think I'm going to measure this month's exercise in miles, rather than minutes (though I do also have 2 classes of Zumba left). 

Bible reading will pretty much be a permanent one.  The first month I allowed myself to miss 8 days, the second month 7 days, and this month will be 6 days.

Organizing project also seems like a good idea.  It's measurable, but also really open and flexible.  I'll have to see what I come up with!

And finally, we're trying to be more intentional about eating healthy foods.  Actually, we're really good at eating healthy foods, so I guess it's more that we're working to eliminate the unhealthy foods.  And I think we'll do better if we're more organized with our food(because more organization can solve pretty much anything, right??) So I think I want to give meal planning a shot.

In summary, here are my goals for this month:
  1. 40 miles of exercise. 
  2. Read my Bible 24 days.  
  3. Complete one organizing project.
  4. Try meal-planning for a week.  


  1. I did the Couch to a 5K about 5 years ago. It was awesome! I did it for 3 months, lost 35 pounds and was running about 10 miles at a time. Then, I got pregnant with Hazel and was put on, so much for losing 35 pounds :) I think you are really going to like the program. I also used for about 6 weeks and lost 15 pounds...then, I got pregnant with Lola. But, it is an awesome program as well! I need to lose another 30 pounds, but I am afraid I will get pregnant again :)

  2. That's good to know! I really want to be in better shape, and I'd like to drop weight too. I'll have to check out the spark website. Thanks for the encouragement!