Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Saturday to us.

It's 9pm on one of the most fun Saturdays I've had in a long time, and my heart is overflowing with thanks for the precious child Dave is trying to put to bed down the hall.  

It's actually a little hard for me to let Dave put Isaac to bed.  He does a great job, but I love doing it too!  I think it's good bonding time for the two of them though, so we take turns.  I just got my good night hug, and it was wonderful. 

Today we went to the farmer's market, got his hair cut, ate lunch on Spiderman plates, went outside and played with the hose (did you know that if you spray it in your own face on the "jet" setting, it hurts?  Because now Isaac can tell you it does!) while my friend Erica came over and met him, played with trains, watched a Veggie Tales movie, went out to dinner (did you know there are places that let kids eat free?  What a deal!), and joined Erica and her family for dessert (and a second dinner for Dave and Isaac) and playtime.  We are tired!  And happy.

As a means of keeping myself out of the room for a little while, I decided to think of some of my favorite examples of why he is so amazing.
  1. He likes to give hugs.  I love to get them.
  2. He likes my home-made yogurt and apple-cinnamon muffins for breakfast.
  3. He sings.  Incessantly.  And it's the happiest sound I can think of.
  4. He is so gentle with Yarbo - which I think shows part of his character.
  5. He loves to help me in the kitchen.  No matter what I'm making.
  6. He loves to help Dave in the yard.  Especially if it involved the hose or digging.
  7. He teaches us a lot about trains.  A LOT.
  8. He lets us read him books.
  9. He only likes getting his picture taken if he's not eating (I'm right there with him...)
  10. When he laughs, I want to give him the whole world.
Those are the first ten I can think of.  And I still want to go in there to see if I can finagle one more bed-time hug, but I will do my best to let Dave share this time with him, knowing that my turn will come, even if it is a long, long, week away.

I love having him here.  I hate that he leaves tomorrow.  I can't wait to see him in the morning.  

I love that boy.

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