Sunday, May 15, 2011

Isaac's lesson from lunch

We're still working on this whole being a parent thing.  In fact, we do our best when we have Isaac on the weekends, then use the week to review our decisions and make revisions in our parenting styles for the next weekend.  (Just kidding....kind of.)

We are working at using every-day opportunities to teach him positive things, so today at lunch, we talked about how to eat like a gentleman (for example, gentlemen do not play with their food, and they wipe their face off when they're done).  Isaac was pretty attentive to the whole thing, and I told him how good Dave is at being a gentleman.  Then, he surprised me a little by turning to Dave and asking him a question.

"Dave, do you have any more ideas for how to be a gentleman?"

So Dave and Isaac talked about more ideas for being a gentleman:  Opening doors for ladies, being quick to say "please" and "thank-you," and saying things like "Nice to meet you," if you meet someone new.

I love how impressionable he is, and how much he wants to learn.  We have been so impressed with how much he soaks up from what we say.  And, I think he learns even more by what we do.

I guess with him around, we'll have to be on our best behavior!


  1. Soooo... Kelli!!! I have a thought. :-) First, you are having a blast and that makes my heart smile so big, because I know, I just know it is love straight from God that is connecting you so perfectly with Isaac, and him with you! I was going to email you... but, reading this gave me the idea. You know that little project we talked about doing for the Bash 2011 (you and Debi talked about), do you think that would be something fun to do with Isaac? Maybe he can be your super duper assistant in finding just the right photos to take, and as you work on the project... you can hunt down his name to personalize his room... I think you know what I am talking about... don't want to let to much of the cat out of the bag. And, maybe it is a project for the first snow... so tuck it away in the back of your brain! Have fun, having fun! Blessings, Linda

  2. I think that would be a great idea! He loves playing games like "I spy," so I can really see him loving that. I wonder how much we could find just walking around downtown. I'll have to think about that, thanks for the idea!