Monday, May 16, 2011

May Goals: Menu Plan for the week

Ok, I'm going to try this menu planning thing again this week.  I still don't love it, but I'm seeing that it has possibilities to be useful, so here goes!
Monday: Hot dogs and salads (in my defense, they're Hebrew National hot dogs, leftover from the weekend, and they "answer to a higher calling," you know...and, the buns were whole-grain.)
Tuesday: Whole-grain spaghetti & meat sauce, salads
Wednesday: Jamaican chicken & potatoes, veggies (recipe coming soon)
Thursday: Citrus Tilapia, brown rice, veggies
Friday: Grilled cheese, veggies
Does anyone else do menu planning?  If so, why do you like it, and do you have any tips or tricks to make it work better for you?


  1. We do meal planning every week, partially to keep within our weekly budget and partially to keep us from eating out too much. I love it because it gives us a chance to incorporate variety - we do Meatless Mondays, at least 1 night of fish or shrimp, and 1 day (at the most) of red meat a week. We definitely eat healthier and are more aware of fruit and veggie servings as well. I found buying a new cookbook or two of fast weeknight ideas made a big difference in my desire to cook every night (or come up with clever reheating ideas). Weight Watchers and Cooking Light have some great books.

  2. That's true - Although we generally tend to have a good selection of healthy foods =please ignore the hot dogs listed above, they're unusual! :) - I have noticed that I'm paying more attention to whether our meals are well-rounded. I'll have to keep looking for new fun recipes too (or look through all the cookbooks I already have!)!

  3. We do meal planning too, for budget reasons and so we don't have to think about what we're going to eat for dinner every night. We plan it out when before we go shopping for the week, and then we know what meals we could possibly have. Once we had kids we made sure our meals were well-rounded, including all the food groups. Before that we just ate mostly main dishes. :)