Tuesday, June 28, 2011

HOURS of fun

Isaac loves to play in the kitchen, and he loves to work with his hands.  So, when I saw this recipe for home-made play-dough, I knew we had to try it!

So far, we've only made one batch, which is red (really pink, but we pretend it's red).  It is seriously the softest, best-smelling, longest-lasting home-made play-dough I've ever seen.  I'd never tried cooking play-dough before, and I think that's what helps with the texture.  We also added french-vanilla extract to it, so the salty smell is covered, and it actually smells nice.

Even better, it has lasted almost a month in the tupperware, and it's still just a soft as when we made it.  I let Isaac play with it on a big cutting board on the table, give him toothpicks and a couple of cookie cutters, and he'll often play with it for a couple of hours.

So, for anyone else looking for something fun to do, click here to check it out!


  1. Never underestimate the power of an art project :)

  2. What I'm excited about is an art project I can actually do! :)

  3. We just made a quick batch. Naomi is having fun with it right now. I knew I had to try it when you said HOURS of fun! Sounds like a great thing to keep a 4 year old entertained!