Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fashion feedback from the backseat

Lately, I feel like I haven't had time to even look in a mirror before moving on to do something else (more on that later!).  Lucky for me, I have someone who gives me feedback on my fashion choices.

Today, I wore the above earrings, and was feeling pretty good about them, until I heard a voice from the backseat:
"Uh, Mom?"
"Your earrings look like grapes.  Not the kind I'd want to eat, since they're just grey, but they still look like grapes.  Just wanted you to know."
Apparently they didn't make the cut in his fashion book.  I'll probably still wear them anyway.

The upside?  He's been calling me Mom.


  1. Don't worry...Matthias asked me when I'm going on my next business trip.

    Mind you, I scheduled VERY CAREFULLY to ensure I'd be home for the week before the first week of school and the two first weeks of school. I've been at home every day for 3.5 weeks and Matthias wants to know when I'm leaving.

    I was heartbroken...

    ...until he said that he only wanted to know because he wanted a Lunchable for his lunch and I said we were saving them for a "treat" for Daddy to use to pack lunches for when I was out of town.


    I felt a little better...and am ignoring that he thinks Lunchables are better than having me at home! :-)

    And, ohhhhhhhhhhh I can just imagine how beautiful it is to hear him say "Mom" to you...even more precious than had he been born to you and the term been a given because it was his choice.

  2. How funny it can be to learn the things that are important to them! And yes, it's so sweet to hear him call me "Mom." Good to hear from you!