Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Can we get one? Puh-lease?

Sometimes I forget that God doesn't form every family in the same way that he is forming ours.  Then, one of our kids will usually remind me of that fact with a funny question or an interesting point of view that makes me laugh, and I'm thankful all over again for the plan that God has for our family.

Last night while eating dinner, I was asking the kids what the best part of their day was.  "Recess" was a quick answer from one of them.  Then, they were comparing notes on recess, and it came up that Isaac, being in 1st grade, gets 3 recesses, which he thinks is pretty great, considering that when he was in kindergarten at his old school, they only had 2 recesses each day.
"So what do the kindergartners at our school get?"  they wanted to know.
"Well," I replied, "I'm not sure, because we've never had a kindergartner in our family before."
They took a second to digest that, then came up with a solution.
"Mom," one of them asked, "Can we get a kindergartner for the next kid in our family, so that we can find out how many recesses they get?"
"Wouldn't it be easier just to ask someone at the school?" Dave pointed out calmly.
"Maybe," they said, "but it'd be more fun to just get a kindergartner next.  Can we get one?  Puh-lease??"
Some kids ask for a puppy, a pony, or pet frog.  My kids?  Well, they ask for kindergartners.

Life is fun!


  1. So fun. I love hearing about your sweet family!

  2. Your boys are so great! I love the way their minds work, and I especially love the thought about God forming different families in different ways. You put it so well; He is such a creative God! No cookie-cutter families. :-)