Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Adoption Week: Day 2!

Today, to celebrate Adoption Week, we went to Build-A-Bear to put together a stuffed animal, complete with a recordable sound chip.  Andy recorded his name and adoption date on it, and it was ready to be sewn up safely inside the animal.

After choosing just the right animal (a dog), he got to help stuff it (the lady working there was so fast that the dog is just a blur!)

Then he gave it an air-bath (I don't really get the point, but the kids love this!  Why aren't they as excited about cleaning with real-life tools?)

Then after choosing some accessories (oh my word....he is a bargainer!!), picking a name, and printing a certificate with tomorrow's adoption date, the new dog was ready to hug.
All in all, a fun night, and a fun way to talk about adoption.

I can hardly believe that adoption day is tomorrow!


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