Saturday, March 10, 2012

Soy-free Saturday: Cooking oil

One of the easiest switches you can make in the effort to reduce or eliminate soy from your diet is to watch the oils that you cook with.  One place in particular that I found soy in my kitchen was in the spray oil that you use to spray pans with before baking or cooking.

At first, I started checking all the brands, and found that the major ones, as well as the store-name ones, all had soy.  Then, I realized there are different kinds of oil within the different brands, but even the "olive oil" sprays used part soy oil.  

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During my search, I received a Misto as a gift, after hearing about it in a comment from a reader.  I have used it now for quite awhile, and absolutely love it.  

You fill it with your own oil (I use light organic olive oil), and it makes the oil last so much longer, especially when I use it in recipes where I used to drizzle something lightly with olive oil.   I get a more even coat, it tastes better, and I use a lot less oil, therefore also eliminating extra fat and calories as well!  Score.  

And now, instead of spending several dollars on a new bottle of spray from the store,  I use about 1/4 cup of olive oil in my Misto, which, when bought from Costco, is probably less than 50 cents, and lasts just as long.  I've even used it in baking and liked the results!

I am happy to say that this has been an easy swap that has actually ended up saving me money!  

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**Disclaimer: These Soy-Free Saturday posts contain only my opinion, and should be used with discretion according to your doctor's assessment of your personal needs.  

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