Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Now I lay me down to sleep......


I love hearing our kids pray.  I love the innocence they have, and the trusting and open way they approach their heavenly Father.

One thing that we work on is not just praying for things we want, but for praying for other people, and giving God thanks for blessings in our lives.

Sometimes they're touching.  Sometimes they're hilarious.

And I thought you might enjoy a few of my favorite lines from recent prayers from both boys from the past couple of days:
Dear God,
Thank you for metal....I'm glad we can use it in buildings. 
Thank you for food....especially for cheese, that's my favorite. 
Please help Dad at work, and thanks that he goes to his job. 
Thanks for letting the world have tall buildings, because I like looking at them. 
 Sorry about all the bad choices today.  Will you please forgive me?
Please let Gramps get fired from his job so he can go to Italy with Grams, I think he'd like that better than work.  I think they'd like the pasta. 
Will you please keep up from having nightmares tonight? 
And God, if there's any kids that need homes, would you please send them to our family as fast as possible?

Getting a little peek through the window of my children's heart is truly a treasure!

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