Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Face it, kid...

Yesterday was a long day.  Not a bad one, just a busy one.  We had appointments, meetings, and school to do in the middle of it all.  So by early evening, Dave and I wanted a couple of minutes to rest, and sat on the couch together. 

We may not definitely do not have as much time with just the two of us as we used to, and I think that makes those moments just that much more precious.  So we closed our eyes and rested for a few minutes together on the couch, Dave with his arm around me, and me just happy to be sitting next to him. 

I thought I heard a groan, and I opened my eyes to find Andy in front of us, head in his hands, muttering, "Why do they do this....."

So I replied, "Face it, kid, you have parents who love each other."

"Yeah, but I still don't want to see it."

"Turn around, and you won't," was Dave's empathetic reply.

"But...Mom....Dad....never mind."

He kept muttering and moaning things, but even as he went back to the table, I saw a little contented smile sneak across his face.

Face it, kid.  You LIKE having parents who love each other, and deep down, you're glad that the Fellowship of Our Rings is alive and well.

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