Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Accidental Christmas Program

Last night, we went to a Christmas Eve service.   It was at a different church than any of us normally go to,  so we weren't as familiar with how they did things.  We were all in a row, comfortably singing along with carols, when they gave a call for the kids to come forward to the stage.

Never one to shy away from being involved in church activities, I told the kids they could go ahead and join the rest of the K-4th graders that were being called to the stage, and to just stick together.

Andy promptly led with his shoulder down (Dave was proud) to get past another kid and catch up to Isaac so they could walk up together.

Much to our surprise, a children's director of some sort came out and started handing out little props to each of the kids.

I thought it was nice.

Then she started lining them up in a specific order.

That seemed a little weird.

Then she made sure they all remembered the words, and made little last minute adjustments. 

And I noticed that other kids were kind of staring at my kids in an  unfamiliar, what-are-you-doing-here kind of way.  Not unfriendly, just confused.

Then it hit me.  It was the church's children's Christmas program. 

My heart sank, but then I realized there wasn't much I could do about it, and I had to fight the laughter.  I looked over at my brother and his wife, and they had just realized the same thing, so the four of us sat through the Christmas program, trying as hard as we could to maintain our composure, as our kids stumbled through a Christmas program they were clearly unprepared for.

I asked them what they thought of it later, they said they "had fun, it was just a kind of confusing type of fun."

Sorry kids, we'll pay better attention next year.

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