Sunday, March 31, 2013

Our (not so) quiet morning

This morning, I was working on making a few things for our Easter dinner.  It was quiet and peaceful, until the kids came thundering down the stairs.

"Happy Easter!" 
"Yeah!  Happy Easter Mom!"

They were exuberant, and joy-filled.  They were loud and noisy and fun and excited to celebrate the day.  Almost immediately, they started talking about the importance of Easter, and what makes it a big deal.


"And he was different than that other dead guy who was raised again in the Bible, because Jesus could be the payment for our sins, Mom."

"Yeah, because he hadn't done anything wrong at all, then they killed him.  But he GOT BACK UP!"

The wonder and awe in their voice was beyond priceless.

They then proceeded to pretend to make a video (for their TV show, obviously) explaining to other kids (their "viewers" who might not go to church) why Easter was a big deal.  It was full of many interruptions about the food I was making, since they got very distracted by the giant ham I was working on, but they still got the main points in.  I was impressed. 

They talked about how Jesus came to earth, fully God, and fully man.  They discussed how He lived a perfect life, but people crucified him anyway - and He let them, because it was part of His plan.

And then, they discussed with triumph that their Savior rose from the grave.

They talked about it all with such conviction and sincerity.  They were funny and said some of the words and phrases wrong - which tells me they're not just mimicking the proper stories they've been told - this was coming out in their own precious words.

Child like faith nearly moved me to tears this morning.

It wasn't until we were at church that I realized something amazing:  They were so excited about the real reason of Easter, and I hadn't even heard them mention a peep (pun intended) about Easter baskets or chocolate or what they might get.

I'm sure they were excited about what might be coming (they were not disappointed).  But on our loud, funny, wonderful Easter morning, my boys exuberantly spent time reveling in the sacrifice of their Savior.

And it was amazing.

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