Wednesday, January 6, 2010

And so it begins.

Written in an email on Monday, Dec.28th:

Last week, I went to my doctor because I felt a mass in my breast that seemed weird or new or something (still trying to find a way to talk about this more comfortably...please bear with me!).  He didn't think it was any big deal, but ordered a set of tests to be absolutely certain.

So, I went in, expecting to just cross it off my list as "just fine, glad we checked it out."  Unfortunately, that was not the case.  On the left side, there is a spot that they can some-what easily remove through an out-patient procedure.  It's uncertain what it is, but due to the location, should be pretty easily removed (I will say that "easily removed" sure does seem like a matter of opinion, though I'll spare you the details!!)

On the right side though, they found a mass that they're unsure of.  My new radiologist doctor told me me, "There's times where I know 100% that it's not cancer.  And there's times that I know 100% that it is cancer.  And then there's the grey area, where no amount of guessing will give us solid answers."  And that's where I am.  It might be cancer.  It might be nothing.

I have a biopsy scheduled for this coming Monday, which is also when the first part of the procedure for the other side will occur.  I will have the results of the biopsy, as well as find out whether the procedure to remove the spot on the left was successful, on Tuesday afternoon, or perhaps Wednesday morning.

So, I would covet your prayers.  Here are some ideas for prayer:
1.  That the procedure to remove the spot on the left would be successful.
2.  That the mass on the right side would be non-cancerous.
3.  That the doctors will catch everything, and give them wisdom as they figure things out
4.  For my sanity.  I'm scared and nervous, yet I know that I serve a big God.  I'm pretty overwhelmed.
5.  For Dave's sanity too!
6.  For peace in our hearts.

We will be traveling to Canada to see Dave's parents, so that should help keep us busy between now and then.  Also, that means that I won't  respond to any texts through this week, though I can check my voicemail and email.

Thank you for your prayers!!

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