Friday, January 15, 2010

Kelli's surgery

Hi, this is Dave posting for Kelli.  After a long day at the hospital, the surgery is done and we are back home.  Kelli is recovering on the couch with an electric blanket, Yarbo and a bowl of peanut M&Ms (Thank you Erica!)

When it was complete, the surgeon came and talked with us.  The good news is that the surgery went as expected.  The preliminary results are good - so far it appears that the cancer hasn't spread.  We won't get the final results until Monday.  Then we will know if the tumor was completely removed and if the cancer has spread.  Thank you for all your support and prayers.


  1. Kelli (and Dave): So glad for the update. We thought of you all day and were glad to hear Kelli did well through the surgery. We will continue to pray for as you continue the journey that God is with you on, carrying you and wrapping His loving arms around you both. Know that you are loved and thought of and prayed for daily. Jeff & Susan

  2. So thankful for the good news! We'll keep praying that the doctors got it all and that it hasn't spread.

    Glad to hear Kelli is relaxing and enjoying some of life's simple treasures! Love you guys! Carrie :)