Thursday, October 14, 2010

Edamame replacement

Since I'm working toward a soy-free diet, I am trying to find healthy alternatives for my favorite foods that contain soy.  One snack that I love is edemame, which, of course, is the soybean itself! I really like it drizzled with just a little butter, and sprinkled with sea salt.  I also love that it's an interactive snack - eating each individual pod takes me awhile, and by the time I'm done, I feel satisfied.

This week, I tried artichokes instead.   For those of you unfamiliar with them (the cashier I bought them from didn't know what they were!), they look like this:

I boiled them in water and lemon juice, spread the petals, scooped out the "choke," sprinkled lots of sea salt on the leaves and heart, and ate it with a little bit of melted butter.  It was delicious!  And, like the edamame, it's more interactive, so it takes awhile to eat.  Yum!

And, after doing a little bit of research, they're really high in antioxidants, have about 3 grams of fiber in the edible portion, are low in calories, and fat free (well, they were before I put the butter on.  Not their fault.).  So, they're both delicious, and pack a nutritional punch!  I'll definitely be trying these again.

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