Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Shopping was extra fun!

I have heard it said that going through the adoption process is like being "paperwork pregnant."  Not sure if that analogy works all the way, but at any rate, I do find myself wanting to prepare for our future children.  Often.'s hard to prepare for them, when I don't know whether they will be boys or girls, 1 year old or 7, what kind of room decor they will like, how many there will be right away, etc.  So, I keep wanting to prepare their rooms, but have felt a little....stuck.


I finally figured it out!  I figured out one thing that our kids will need, regardless of their age, or gender.  SHEETS.

So, when Dave and I went out Black Friday shopping last night/this morning, we got SHEETS for our future kids!  They're in neutral colors, so they can pick out their own comforters later, and we got regular sheets and flannel.  We are well stocked for sheets for the future kiddos.

There is the possibility that we will get kids who are in cribs first, but either way, they'll end up needing sheets, and I got to do something for them!  It's true that we don't have actual beds yet, or furniture, or clothing, or kid's shampoo, or coats, or good kid food, but that will all come together when we know who our kids will be.  For now, I'm just giddy over the fact that I actually got to do something to prepare for them!  Our kids have sheets.  It was the most fun I had black friday shopping, possibly ever.

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  1. : ) It is certainly hard to plan ahead. Hunter hung on to a blue baby's first bear for over four years. Oddly enough a lady won it at a crane game at Walmart and gave it to her. At times after finding out physically things had failed again for the second time for us and we wouldn't be having any more biological children I never wanted to see the bear again. Then the hope of adoption came about, and the sweet little bear has his long awaited friend. God always knows what he is doing, thank goodness.