Wednesday, November 17, 2010

No time for smelling roses

After downing my coffee in record time this morning at work, I was trying to figure out why I've been so tired lately. 

It's because we're really busy.

Here's a non-comprehensive list of the "big" things going on in our life:
  • 3-hour adoption class, once a week, 2 hours driving time.
  • hours of class homework, in excess of some of my college classes!
  • Finishing up my job (I quit, and Friday's my last day!)
  • I started my own photography website,
  • Working on lots of marketing, including a facebook page and setting up and monitoring  online ads.
  • Dave's re-insulating the attic, and adding network wiring to the whole house
  • Dave installed smoke detectors in all the bedrooms upstairs.
  • Selling unused items on Craigslist to make more room in the basement, because -
  • We're working on finishing our basement to create more living space for when we adopt the kiddos.
And, of course, Dave's still working his day-job, and I'm teaching piano lessons.   So, we're drinking extra coffee (well, Mt. Dew for Dave ) and looking forward to crossing at least a few of these things off our list soon!

Last night, we were trying to take an updated picture of the two of us for our adoption scrapbook (due on Monday), and just to prove my point, I'll show you one of the photos. 

See?  We look tired. Sigh.  Here's the one we'll probably end up using, unless we try again tonight:

Anyway, there's always seasons of busyness in life, but this year, I've gone from hours and hours on the couch, to not even having time to smell the roses.  For everything, there is a season.  As long as I keep lots of coffee on hand, it's at least a fun season!

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