Saturday, November 20, 2010

Changin it up!

As previously mentioned, I've been ridiculously busy lately, and the house .....well..... please give me fair warning before you come over, so I can give you fair warning of what you'd be walking into!

Anyway, I was trying to sort through some things and organize, and I started a "cancer" pile.  A few favorite scarves or hats, my wig, a HUGE stack of cards from many of you, and stuff like that.  It was wonderful to realize that I no longer need those - I can completely put them away, I don't need them anymore!

Next, Dave joined me and we were working on the downstairs, and needed a place to put our massive adoption homework binder.  I looked over at our side table in the living room, and noticed that we still had the big section of cancer info - the place where I kept info given to me by doctors, notes from appointments, stuff I was supposed to read, etc.  We happily replaced that with our adoption binder.  

This has been a huge year for us.  Big highs, big lows.  And it feels wonderful to start boxing up the cancer stuff, and replacing cancer info with the adoption binder.   Even if the binder does mean lots of work.  Somehow, it looks so much nicer, and the room just seems....happier.