Tuesday, November 9, 2010

First night of Adoption class!

We went to our first PSMAPP (can't remember what that stands for, but it's for foster parenting/adoption licensing) class last night!  It was....long. Very long.  Three hours in a hard chair sitting at an awkward angle that produced a pain in my neck. But, the class was good even so, because we got a lot of information, and have a better idea of the things we'll be learning along the way.

As a side note, we got to the building and didn't see anyone on our way in (there are several entrances and the class size is small, so this isn't too unusual), but our stomach dropped to our toes when we saw on the whiteboard: PSMAPP Classes, room 302, 5:30pm.  May I mention that we arrived at 6pm, which was when we thought it started.  We frantically raced through the building, concerned that we would have missed too much of the class (and meeting #1 is imperative to pass the course, no make-up's allowed!).  As it turned out, they reserve the room at 5:30 so that it is free by 6pm.  It took a good 10 minutes for my heart rate to return to normal, but it all ended well.

They gave us our coursework for the class - it is thicker than many of my college textbooks.  And, if you miss a class, even if your spouse goes, you have to fill out a BOOK.  I'm not exaggerating - it is literally a book, I saw one because some poor woman in our class is going to have to miss next week.  Whew.  We will have to miss one, and I'm already not looking forward to The Book.

We also have homework, which I knew we would, but not only is there weekly homework, there are long-term due dates as well (for example we got a huge set of paperwork last night that isn't due till week 3, but we also have homework to do this week).   Seriously, this should count as college credits.  I don't know what I would do with extra random college credits, but I still think we should get them.

We met the people who will be in our class for the next ten weeks.  I think it will be a great group, and I have a feeling we'll learn a lot from their insight, in addition to all our materials.

All in all, it was a bit of an overwhelming night, but we're still just very excited to be moving forward in this process!


  1. PSMAPP is very overwhelming, but you will be surprised how fast it goes. Take it one day at a time. You beat cancer, you can conquer anything! I saw The Book, luckily I never had to miss!

    Angie Kelly

  2. Angie -I'm already dreading having to miss a night! Oh well....I'll just get out my new pens. :)

    Terra - we didn't, so we're making plans to correct that this coming week!