Thursday, December 9, 2010

And there's the silver lining.

I've kind of struggled with this surgery emotionally.  I'm so tired of having surgeries, and having to heal from them, and not being able to do stuff for myself.  It makes me kind of grouchy (that could also be the lack of sleep last night).  Even though the recovery for this one is moving MUCH faster than any of the others, it's just been a last-straw kind of emotion.

Then, I realized something.

I have 9 scars from this year's surgeries, which has already caused at least one melt down.  However, with this surgery, Dr. K went into through the original scar, so I'm still just at 9!  Also, because the skin doesn't have to heal over a foreign object this time, and due to some way that he was able to sew it because of that (or something.  I've mentioned this in earlier posts, but please know that my lack of ability to explain things well should not be a reflection on my doctors!  It's me.), but he said my final scar might be smaller than it was before!

And there's the silver lining.

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