Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas recap

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  We really did.  We went to my Aunt and Uncle's house in Minneapolis.  I know that family time means something different to everyone, so to explain, my Aunt is basically like Martha Stewart, only more friendly and minus the prison record.  She is the only person I've ever seen who can look relaxed and have time to play dominos all morning on Christmas, then around 1pm, magically make a feast appear from her kitchen and land on a perfectly set table.  

And truly, I mean a feast.  Actually, I think we have a disproportionate amount of good cooks in our family, because I have several aunts who can make ridiculously good holiday meals.

Anyway, I've tried to re-create that when we've hosted Christmas at our house, but inevitably I'm running around like crazy all morning, forget at least 3-6 ingredients that are probably important, then drop into my chair at mealtime with a sigh, only to realize that I forgot to put the turkey on the table or give anyone silverware!  Putting on a big meal is hard.  For the record, I really, truly enjoy it, I just wish I knew how to make it look so easy, because her magic skills make it so relaxing to be at her house on Christmas.  Perhaps someday she'll teach me. 

So, we had Christmas, with my Aunt, Uncle (who unfortunately got sick on Christmas day - I felt so bad for him!), their whole family, and our family, and it was great.  We also celebrated my Mom's birthday, since she has the same birthday as Jesus (which I think is pretty amazing.  I just share my birthday with Laura Ingalls Wilder, and while she was my childhood hero, it's still not anywhere near as great as sharing a birthday with Jesus).  

The day after Christmas, we also had big plans (which I'll share in the next post!).  It's been a fun week!

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