Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A new year - just days away!

It seems like we have had a lot going on lately - everything from a new furnace being put in, to my piano recital, not to mention all the flurry of activity that comes with Christmas (and we had a great one, more on that later!).  It's been fun.

Lately it's also been a time of reflection on the last year.  Last year on this date, I had my very first mammogram ever.  And it didn't  go so hot.

In some ways, it seems like another lifetime ago.  So much has happened, so much has changed.  And yet, there are times when it still seems so....fresh.  So recent.

However, there's a date I'm really looking forward to seeing on the calendar: Jan 6, 2011.  That will be one year from the date of my diagnosis.  The day I got that news, I wasn't sure I would see 2011 on the calendar at all.  And now, 4 surgeries, 8 chemo treatments, 35 shots, 33 radiation treatments, and innumerable doctor's appointments later, 2011 is just 3 days away.

And in 9 days, I'll be a one-year cancer survivor!   I'm so ready to be able to say, "Oh, cancer?  Yeah, that was last year."

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