Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ridiculous Amounts of Superfluous Measurements

I bet you'll never guess what we got to do tonight.  Once I tell you, I'm sure you'll wish you had spent your evening the same way.

We measured every inch of our house, and drew a floor plan.  Took forever.

"Why," you may ask? 

Simple.  Because we'd like to be parents.  

In order to have the chance to be parents, one of the 953 pieces of paperwork required is a complete floor plan of our house, including interesting tidbits such as how far above the ground our windows are, spaces between said windows, and extra bonuses such as the size of dressers.  Yes, the size of our dressers.  I don't even feel like mentioning to them at this point that the dresser currently in our guest room is not the same one we plan to use for our future kids.  It just doesn't make sense to us to buy the furniture for the rooms until we know who and how many we're buying it for.  Nevertheless, we dutifully measured our dressers.

Sometimes, it just there are ridiculous amounts of superfluous paperwork required that don't really make sense (in case you don't know this about me, the more irritated I get about something, the more I use big words).  I get that they need to know we don't live in a shack filled with carbon monoxide, or that we won't be making them sleep on the floor or feeding them nothing but crackers and candy, but isn't that what the home visit is for?   

So much of the questions and profiles we have to fill out seem....intrusive, to say the least, but I understand those a little bit better.  They're trying to make the best possible match between us and our future kids.   Still a bit much sometimes, but I understand it a little more.  Tonight's activity was just....frustrating.

We've already given our social worker a complete tour of the house - is it really necessary to provide the inches of space between the door to our room and the door to our closet? 

At any rate, at the end of this public rant to the Internet, I will get back to our binder to complete more paperwork because whether I like it or not, these are hoops we are assigned to get to the end goal: parenthood.  And for that goal, I would measure every house in Des Moines. 

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