Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sounds of Christmas: Angels We Have Heard on High by "Committed"

I caught the last couple episodes of NBC's fairly-new show called the Sing-Off.  I laughed a lot while watching it because I think Nick Lachey is such an awkward host, but the singing has actually been really fun to watch.  All the music is created by human voices, which was actually pretty impressive, especially when performing more electronically-driven songs (think Lady Gaga...ew.)

Anyway, I like a cappella music, and always have.   My dad, uncles and grandpa always sang barber-shop quartet style music when I was growing up, and I think I've mentioned before that my dad and uncles sang the benediction a cappella at our wedding.  And, I could give you a whole list of favorite groups...

I think I've gotten myself off topic.  Getting back to it, my favorite group on the show was Committed, and they actually ended up winning the entire contest!  They also recorded a Christmas song for the show, Angels We Have Heard on High, which I present to you for your listening pleasure.  And mine.
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