Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Yarbo is great. Pain is not.

Well, the pain has kicked in.  More accurately, it's kicking me.  Repeatedly.  I woke up this afternoon in a foggy haze, and realized that the anesthesia was wearing off.  It mostly hurts a lot if I move any muscle.  Or breathe. :)

Yarbo has been great this afternoon though.  He just somehow knows, and has been so good.  He's glued to me like white on rice and won't leave my side, but he's been so gentle and obedient.  It's been nice to have him snuggle with me during such a long, icky afternoon.  Dave took a picture of us while I was napping:

 Speaking of Dave, he's been pretty great too.  He made me mac n cheese for dinner, and gets my meds for me, and tucks me in for naps.  He's very good at tucking me in.  Back in January, when I was recovering from more major surgeries, and during the bad chemo days, I would sometimes take extra naps just so he would tuck me in again.

All this talk about naps has made me ready for another one.

Dave, can you please tuck me in?

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