Wednesday, December 8, 2010

$5 for Mannheim Steamroller "Christmas" album!

After writing the other day about the Mannheim Steamroller album that we always used to listen to growing up, I realized I don't actually own the music, and have been wanting to listen to the album ever since I posted about it, and wasn't sure if I could wait till going to my parent's house this year.

So, I went to Amazon and found that they have the entire album for only $5.  And, since I have free giftcards from using Swagbucks, it was completely free for me!  If you sign up for Swagbucks through the provided link, you'll get 30 swagbucks as a sign-up bonus (I love Swagbucks, because to me, it's getting free money for things I was doing anyway).

However, even $5 is a pretty good deal for such a great collection of Christmas music, so I thought I'd share!

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