Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sounds of Christmas: Mannheim Steamroller

Growing up, we had some pretty serious (and awesome) Christmas traditions, which I might share in a later post.  One of traditions I found to be less awesome was the rule about not listening to Christmas music until Thanksgiving was over (I found it very difficult to be patient, and still do!).


There was a particular album that, for me, always signaled the start of the Christmas season.   When my Dad would put this particular tape into the player, the whole house just felt like Christmas was finally, finally here!

I've always liked my Dad's taste in music, and Mannheim Steamroller was a Christmas favorite of his.  Years later, it's one of mine too.  Here is the first song on the album, "Christmas" that we always listened to, Deck the Halls:

There was actually one other song that I loved and signaled the start of the season, that I believe preceded Deck the Halls, but I'll have to save that for another post.  Mostly because I can't remember the name of the artist or the song, so I'll have to figure that out first.

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