Monday, January 17, 2011

:::::Fingers Crossed::::.. The Paperwork is done! (We think. We hope. We pray.)

Well, I just emailed our social worker what we believe is the last of our paperwork.  I sincerely hope it is.  For two reasons, really:
1) I want to be done with it.  I believe that part is obvious.
2) If our social worker has to chase down paperwork, references, etc, then our homestudy gets pushed back further, because she doesn't start writing it up until she has ALL of the paperwork (understandably!  That would be frustrating otherwise).

So, I'm waiting to hear back on whether we have everything turned in, and whether she has gotten all the references she needs turned in.  Hence the fingers being crossed!

If you all could cross your fingers (and perhaps pray, since that would actually do more good anyway) with us, that would be just wonderful.

I've mentioned this before, but please also be praying with us that our homestudy gets approved the first time through.  With cancer on my "record,"  there's a chance that could cause a bit of a delay. So please pray that it goes through with no problems whatsoever!

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