Monday, January 17, 2011

A week away from a mullet....

I thought that some of you might be sitting here, on this grey Monday afternoon, just wondering to yourself, "I wonder how long Kelli's hair is now?"  Didn't know I was not only a blogger, but also a  mind reader, did you?

Well, I'm here to answer your question.  It's been growing, and getting longer.  And I'm about a week away from having a mullet.

That's right, I said a mullet.

My hair stylist has been on maternity leave, and my appointment with her next week cannot possibly come soon enough.  Turns out that when you are starting to grow your hair completely from scratch, it does not come in evenly.  You don't get to pick a hairstyle and color palette, then push a "grow hair now" button.

So, that leaves me dangerously close to a mullet, and with a few grey strands of hair I'm not particularly thrilled about.

I thought I would take a quick picture on my computer, along with our dog, Yarbo (because he also needs a haircut).  Unfortunately, he wasn't in the mood to pose for pictures, so it didn't end up being that quick:
"Yarbo, you're not centered in the frame.  Move over."

"Yarbo, stop distracting me!"

"Yarbo, please pay attention & look at the camera when it's beeping."

Oh well.  That will have to do, we're tired of taking pictures.
So, there you have it.  Both of us needing a haircut, and both with a couple of extra grey hairs (thankfully, his are more visible than mine).


  1. I get my hair cut by Sue too! I had an appointment the day she returned and your name came up... well, kind of.. :) We were chatting and I said I had just found out yet another person I knew was a client of hers, but I couldn't remember who it was. We joked that I'd remember later and call her. Sure enough, at the first stoplight, I remembered I had read about it on your blog and called her. She was waiting. I love Sue!

  2. Haha, how funny! And how can you not love Sue - she's just great!