Tuesday, January 18, 2011

School's out for the year! (for us anyway)

We went to our 10th PS-MAPP class last night, and have now completed 30 hours of training!  So now we basically know it all. Totally kidding!  We now know enough to know we definitely need to keep learning more (fortunately for us, there's mandatory training required each year to keep your license...and more paperwork as well!).

It was fun going to our last class.  I'll definitely miss the people we've met, although we'll keep in touch with some of them via email and such.  We had quite a group - there were a few people you could count on to lighten any heavy topic, and so many people with good insight. We really learned a lot.    

As much as we enjoyed the class, however, it will be really nice to not be making weekly trips to Ames on snowy roads, and to have our Monday nights back (of course, we get our Monday nights back just as Monday Night Football comes to a close!).

We celebrated being done with classes by getting chocolate ice cream on the way home.  Even though it was 5 degrees outside.  And it was amazing.

From here, we have one more home study visit to complete, then we wait for our homestudy to get written up and go to DHS, and hope and pray we get accepted!

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