Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why you should never, ever miss a hair appointment.

Have you ever had that nagging feeling that you're missing something?  And that it's probably important? I felt that way this morning, and even though I was busy getting things done, I couldn't shake that thought.  So, I got out my calendar, and discovered that I was an entire week off.  And currently missing my much-needed hair appointment.

I had it in my mind that my hair appointment was the week after we finished PS-MAPP classes.  And we finished them this week.  Unfortunately, I forgot to adjust my thinking for the snow day we had last week that pushed the end of our classes back a week.

At any rate, I quickly called my hair place, and they were very nice, and gave me an appointment for this Friday.  Which, in all actuality, is still about 5 days earlier than I had thought it was.

So, since I was feeling pretty caught up for the moment, I decided to make some home-made whole-wheat bread and rolls.  I have been tweaking the recipe over and over, and was going to try to make the best loaf yet.  I was pretty sure I had figured out how to get my recipe just about perfect (well, perfect for our tastes anyway).  So, I whipped up the bread dough and let it rise for an hour.  

Then, after punching the dough down for the second rising (probably my favorite part of baking bread), I shaped half the dough into a bread loaf, and made rolls out of the rest of it.  I even got a little creative and braided some of the bread, just to see if it would turn out.  Then I realized that I had put the rolls on a pretty big pan, and that pan and the bread pan didn't quite fit in the oven and allow the door to shut all the way.  

Not to be deterred, I loosely covered both pans with a towel, set the oven on "warm," and let it sit for a few minutes, with the door just slightly open.  I went back a little later to turn the over off and just let them rise in the warm oven, when I noticed our entire kitchen filled with smoke.  Rushing over to the stove, I found my towels completely engulfed in flames.  

Now, as foolish as it might sound to most people to put towels in the oven, I've actually done for quite some time, and never had a problem.  Until today.  

So, I tried shoving the oven door shut, hoping the lack of air would kill the flames.  It didn't.  I tried again.  Still no luck.  Actually, the flames were getting more impressive.  Nearly in a panic at this point, I thought, "I should call Dave at work.  He could be here in time to keep the house from burning down."  

As a side note, I'm working at thinking more clearly in crisis situations, but I (thankfully) don't have very many opportunities to practice, so it's taking me awhile to improve.

Before I moved to call Dave, I remembered the fire extinguisher that we keep under our kitchen sink (which was the smarter move.  See?  I'm getting better).  I grabbed it and pulled the trigger, and POOF.  Our entire stove was covered in that nasty fire-extinguisher film.  It actually took most of the stuff to put all the flames out.  

I threw Yarbo outside, and opened every window in the house, despite the fact that it was about 14 degrees out, and called Dave in a panic, telling him that the house had been on fire but that I was pretty sure it wasn't anymore (I'm also not very good at reporting crisis situations in the moment.  Again, I'm working on that...).

So now, after our house was just cleaned top to bottom, I have to re-clean everything.  The "dust" from the extinguisher is in 3 different rooms, completely covering everything.  I mopped the floor closest to the oven 3 times, and it's still disgusting.  I haven't even touched the inside of the oven yet.  

I guess we're going out to eat tonight.

Oh, and the the final kicker?   Aside from the excessive amounts of extinguisher dust all over them, those rolls and the loaf of bread looked like they were going to be absolutely amazing.  Sigh...

I will never, ever miss a hair appointment again.  I hope.

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