Friday, January 7, 2011

Last night Dave took me on a date to celebrate my one-year anniversary.  We had so much fun!  He started off by surprising me with a big bouquet of red roses.

Then, he took me to my favorite Italian restaurant (the pic is super blurry, but I didn't want to keep using the flash in a dark restaurant.  Oh well...).
We had a great time talking about the past year - the good, the awful, and the funny.  Yep, the funny.  I asked Dave what good memories he had from the past year, and he said that he always liked the questions I would ask the doctors.  Here are a few examples that we could remember:

For the mammogram techs:

  • Do people ever get stuck in the machine?
  • Can I bring my coffee in with me?

For my surgeon (across multiple visits):

  • Um....Did you by any chance let a student work on me? (when there was an incision he had told me to expect, but I had forgotten about) 
  • Have you ever accidentally cut off a piece of someone's heart? (When removing the port)
  • Have you ever sprayed anybody with their own blood (same)
  • Do you do designs?

For the lab techs when getting bloodwork:
  • Have you ever pierced someone's heart (the port seemed awfully close, and needle so long!)
  • Is it ok if I pass out?

For the chemo nurses:

  • Do I have to do the shots by myself, or can you come to my house?  I'll make you coffee!
  • Has anyone ever pierced their kidneys or livers when giving themselves the shots?
  • Can my chemo meds be a different color?  The red is creepy.

For my radiologist:

  • Does anyone ever get stuck in the mapping machines?
  • If I have to get the mapping tattoos, can I choose what colors and pick a design?
  • Has the radiation machine ever fallen on anyone?
  • Has anyone ever caught on fire while getting radiated?

I guess my way of coping with the terrifying unknown was to ask every question that popped into my head.  It was a blessing to have doctors, nurses, and medical staff who were understanding, but in hindsight, some of my questions made more sense than others!

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