Thursday, January 6, 2011

A year's worth of numbers.

As of today, January 6, 2011, here is my past year in numbers.
365: days since my diagnosis of breast cancer.
79: people who RSVP's to my Kelli's Kicked Cancer party
76: number of doctor or hospital visits I can remember 
49: posts on this blog about cancer
35: shots I had to give myself
33: radiation treatments
17: tags on my blog about being bald, eyebrows, or eyelashes
14: inches of hair I cut off and donated once I found out I'd be bald. 
9: adoption classes completed out of 10
8: chemo treatments
5: months that I went without cooking because so many people blessed us with meals!
4: surgeries
2: homestudy visits completed, out of 3
1: husband I am completely thankful for
I probably won't post much about cancer for awhile after this, but lately, it's been on my mind a lot again, so thanks for bearing with me!  A year ago, it seemed like this day would never come.  Now, I'm so glad it's here, and am already looking forward to my 2, and even 5 year anniversaries!

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