Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Now I know why my socks don't have matches.

Overall, Yarbo's a pretty good dog.  In fact, we can leave food out around him, and as long as it's not coffee, it's usually pretty safe.  And he really doesn't chew stuff up around the house anymore, he usually just gets a toy out of his toy bin in the living room.  And, while I haven't figured out how to teach him to put his toys back in the bin when he's done with them, I think we're doing pretty well, overall.

Except for one thing.  Yarbo has an undying love of socks.  Dirty, clean, doesn't matter.  He finds them irresistible.  The other thing we've found about Yarbo is he tends to stash stuff he likes away for later use (like when he would stash my Caribou coffee lids in the piano room behind the bookcase...).

Today, we found a stash of socks he had been keeping behind the door of the guest bathroom upstairs, which is where he stays while I'm teaching.

I couldn't believe he actually had a pile of them there.  At least now I know why I can't find all the matches to my socks!

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