Friday, March 4, 2011

Are we there yet?

Right now I feel like a little kid, in the backseat of the car on what feels like a never-ending road trip, asking repeatedly, "Are we there yet?"

I used to ask that all the time on long road trips, which drove my patient father crazy.  My mom too, probably.  Because, in my mind, we definitely should have been there by that point.  It always took longer than I thought it would based on the map.  Turns out the world is pretty big, and there was no wand to wave that would make us magically appear at our destination.

That's where I am now with the whole adoption process.  It feels like a never-ending journey.  And I have one question:
"Can we adopt yet?"
Followed by the ever-popular: 
"What about now?"
Because by this time, I thought we would have a house full of munchkins.  And, though Yarbo sometimes feels like a handful (like right now, when he's barking at the truck outside which has the audacity to pick up our garbage can), he has come nowhere close to filling up our house or our hearts.  And there doesn't seem to be a magic wand to wave to make our children appear.

I believe God is doing a great work in our hearts through this process.  We have been humbled, stretched, and refined through this journey.  And we've had to trust in a whole new way that God is sovereign.  He can see our children, he knows them by name, and he's already counted all the hairs on their precious heads. 

But in my human heart, I wish he would bring them home to us.  I wish he would show them to us.  Children are such a blessing from the Lord, and my heart is so very eager to know the blessings He has prepared for us.

So I keep asking, "Are we there yet?"

Not today.  

But maybe tomorrow?

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  1. I am so excited for you guys that I often find myself checking your blog and asking myself "are they there yet?" When you get your kiddos it is going to be more than worth the wait (I know you know that already :) )! Praying for you today.