Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March Goals

I kept waiting to post March goals, because I thought if I waited long enough, some kind of Awesome Idea would strike.

It didn't.

However, I was actually pretty happy with last month's goals, and was thrilled that I met them.  It created such a sense of accomplishment, which I really enjoyed!  While it wasn't any kind of rocket science, exercising and reading my Bible were two of the best ways I could think of to improve my life right now, and I really saw the difference.

I'm going to bump up my goals just a little (there are, after all, 3 more days in March than there were in February!), and add one more.

So, here's this month's goals:
1. Exercise 700 minutes
2. Read my Bible 24 days
3. Complete one organizing project in the house.

Is anyone else setting goals?  It could be for the week, or for the month, or any set time, really.  I am thinking about food-related goals for next month, but am trying to decide how to set them so that they follow the rules: being specific, and being measurable.  If you're setting goals, comment on the post and let me know, so we can encourage each other!

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