Monday, March 21, 2011

Musical Chairs in the house

This past weekend was the kind of weekend that makes you need a nap on Monday. We got SO much done!  We have been going through everything in our house, and getting rid of a ton of stuff that we don't need.  We're talking multiple car loads to Goodwill, and way more trash that we can get into our weekly allotted trash can weight.  And the shredder is probably still smoking.  That's right.  We even went through old bills, receipts, etc, and shredded what we no longer need.  We have been making room, and getting organized!

It's a little like a game of musical chairs at our house right now, as we work towards finishing our basement, and getting our upstairs bedrooms ready for future kids.  That is a lot of space to clear out all at the same time!   

We got rid of unnecessary clothing and other odds and ends from our closet so that we could move boxes of stuff from the basement to our closet.  Then we re-sorted those boxes into fewer boxes to pare down the stuff and put them in our closet.  Then we put some other stuff from the basement into our spare room, but then went to the office, which will be the first future kid's room, to start clearing out that stuff.  Once the basement is finished, there will be office space down there for a more organized version of our office stuff.  Until then, we have to find somewhere to stash that stuff where we can get to it.  

On one hand, there is a lot of stuff in transition mode in our house.  But it's also feeling more cleared out, all at the same time, somehow.

Are you tired yet after reading that?  I'm tired after doing all of that.  But it feels good to be making progress!  I think the basement will create a lot of great living space when it's done, and the more cleared out we get the office, the easier it will be to prepare for whatever kiddo placements may come out way.

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  1. Tired? No. Excited? Yes! I LOVE sorting through things... I want to go home and sort right now...!!! :)