Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Trip to Amish town

On Saturday, Dave and I went on a day trip with a couple of friends.  We to the Amish settlement that's about 2 hours away, then went to some other attractions in the area.  We went to the Amish grocery store, complete with the gas lights, large stash of canning supplies, and array of home-made goods.

I found some great deals on healthy foods.  And...a couple of non-healthy foods too (not sure how those ended up in our basket....).

Do you SEE those prices on the spices!? Sixty cents for ground rosemary, 81 cents for rubbed sage, $2.14 for cinnamon sticks!  And those little tubs seem to last forever.

I also picked up some vital wheat gluten, brown rice, raw sunflower seeds, and coconut oil for just a portion of what I normally pay for it in the store.  For the wheat gluten alone, I calculated that I normally pay $4.69/lb (it comes in 6oz boxes), but it's only $2.13/lb at the Amish store - less than half the price!

And here we have our extras, chosen for their deliciousness and not necessarily their nutrition or value. Still a pretty happy with the purchase though!

I've always enjoyed going to the Amish grocery store, but as we keep working on choosing healthy foods at a good price, I'm going to definitely keep this store in mind.  While it's not economical to drive 2 hours for groceries, it's actually not that far out of the way when we go to my parent's house, so we'll probably stop by when we go there.

I love getting good deals!

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