Monday, April 11, 2011

April Goal Update: Organizing project checked off!

This weekend was ....busy, to say the least.  We're still in the process of moving stuff around in our house, clearing out the basement, plus clearing out the upstairs rooms for future kiddos.  Basically, we're eliminating 90% of our storage space.  Which, really, is a good thing, because it means that we have to think through how much stuff we really need to keep, and do a good job organizing the rest of what's left.

This weekend, among other things, I tackled the wrapping paper chaos.  Before, it was....awful.  It was not only a big pile of stuff, but had even expanded to a bottom drawer of the dresser in the spare future kiddos room. 

Side note -Funny thing, as we've been changing the purpose of all the rooms, we don't know what to call them anymore.  The room that we used to call the spare room is now the future kiddo's room (which is a bit of a mouthful), the room that used to be the office is....well, I don't know.  But it's not an office anymore.  It's the spare room/exercise room/office supplies room.  Then our room is...well, it's still our room.  But it's also the temporary office, as well as the storage unit.  

Back to the wrapping paper project.  Here's the big pile that it used to be (not my proudest moment):

And the spare drawer:

My apologies for the cell-phone pics, but I was on a roll, and wasn't about to stop to get the real camera!

I kept all the wrapping paper rolls in the tub they were in.  It only made sense.   But for the rest of the stuff, I sorted it all, threw out the stuff we wouldn't use (why did we keep the roll of ribbon that Yarbo had destroyed when he was a puppy?  No clue...), then neatly stacked all the gift bags in one area of the tub, then sorted all the pre-done bows into one area, curling ribbon in another area, and finally tissue paper, little gift-card holders, and the tie-on things (I'm sure that tie-on things is not the proper term, but you know, those things you can tie on to gifts?).  I also included a pair of scissors and tape so that the next time I have to wrap a gift, everything I need will be right there.

The finished tub still looks a little crazy, but the difference is that it's all in one place, and I can fit a lid on it, so it stores much better, AND, best part, I know where everything is in it.

I realize I am disproportionately proud of my project, but mostly because the wrapping chaos has bugged me for about 2 years, and now it's finally organized!  Check that off the April list.  

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