Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May Goals: Housekeeping and such

It's a new month, and time for new goals!  One of my favorite things about having monthly goals is that it causes me to take stock in how I'm living life on a regular basis, and lets me think about what I can change in manageable steps.  I have felt more organized, and more purposeful, and hope to keep moving in that direction.

This month, I'm keeping a few goals, changing some, and adding a new one.

Still planning on reading my Bible.

I'm still planning on exercising, but 40 miles is a little much for me right now, especially as we transition to a new stage of life.  So, I'm going to pick something more realistic, like 25 miles, for this next month.  One thing that will probably make it easier is that we got Isaac a bike for his birthday, so he'll be able to ride while we walk, which will let us keep a good pace, and let him have fun.  I wish I could post a picture of him on his bike, he loved it.  Unfortunately, pictures aren't an option quite yet.  Bummer.

I'm enjoying having an organizing project each month.  It's such a flexible goal, yet with a plan to get something done.  Perfect.

I think I will try meal planning for at least two weeks (I guess).  I was so disappointed that I didn't love it.  I mean, it's cooking and planning, and I love both of those things separately.  Maybe it will grow on me, and even if it doesn't, I'm hoping it will save me time and money.

And, lastly, housekeeping.  I don't really like it very much.  But I don't want a gross house, so it must be done.  And, with Isaac being here, it's even more important.  Growing up, my mom kept a crazy-clean house.  Not the kind that you couldn't be comfortable in, but the kind where you never heard a surprised "ew!" after touching anything, and everything (except my brother's and my rooms) was always picked up.  I don't remember them even having a junk drawer (not sure how they did that...Mom?  Any ideas?).  I'm fairly certain that between my two parents, our house was a unique mixture of white-glove tested and yet comfortable-for-kids.  And I want the same for my kids.  I actually had a system down at one point, where I had all the regular chores broken down by days, so I think my goal for this month is to revive that system.

So, in summary, my goals are:

  1. Read my Bible 24 days
  2. Exercise 25 miles
  3. Complete one organizing project
  4. Meal planning for two weeks 
  5. Revive housekeeping system

Wish me luck!  Do any of you have any goals you're working on?  I'd love to hear about them!

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