Tuesday, May 3, 2011

April Goals: Win some, lose some....

My April goals were the following:
  1. 40 miles of exercise. 
  2. Read my Bible 24 days.  
  3. Complete one organizing project.
  4. Try meal-planning for a week.  
And the results?  Well...you win some, you lose some.  Actually, overall, I did pretty well.  I forgot to keep track of all the days of reading my Bible, but I'm pretty sure I was right around my goal.

I completed my organizing project, and my wrapping paper is much more organized!

I tried meal planning for a week.  For some reason, I didn't really love it, but at the same time, I think it would be helpful long term.  For example, since we were having rice two nights that week (and I make the whole-grain rice that takes awhile to cook), I just made enough for both meals the first time.  So it did save me time.  Maybe it just needs to become more of a routine.  So, I'll probably try it again.

And....the exercise.  Well, as I mentioned before, 40 miles is a long way.  And, I only made 26.8 miles. To be fair, the last three weekends were unexpectedly (but delightfully) spent with Isaac, so we didn't exercise as much then.  Now that we have him in our lives, we will have to work on ways to be active as a family, and to still get our exercise in, while involving him at a level he can enjoy.  So, considering the fact that life changed a lot after I created that random 40-mile goal, I feel pretty good about getting in 26.8 miles. 

So, overall, April went pretty well!  I'll post May goals soon - I'm excited about working on a fresh month of goals! 

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