Monday, May 2, 2011

Suddenly laundry is a little more fun.

This past weekend, we had Isaac leave some stuff here so it will start to feel more like his home, instead of just our house.  Which meant that the clothes that went into the dirty laundry bin in his room stayed there for me to wash today.

I actually assigned laundry to Mondays awhile ago because I already don't like Mondays very much, so I just thought I'd get the worst household chore done (or at least mostly done) on the worst day of the week.  Made sense to me.

Then, this morning, when I was sorting, I saw a small little sock, and I just smiled.  A few moments later, I saw an itty-bitty polo shirt (itty-bitty to me, anyway, as I'm used to laundering things that fit across Dave's shoulders!) and I smiled again.

I'm even looking forward to folding the socks when they're dry.

Suddenly, Monday laundry doesn't seem quite so bad.


  1. Hi Kelly-

    Ah, yes! I remember being excited for laundry when I started doing Nate, Haley and Jake' wore off quickly when I got sick of turning their stuff right-side out! Perhaps your excitement will last longer than mine did! Congrats on Isaac!

    Wendy (Coble) Hoefer