Friday, May 27, 2011

A Very Good Day.

We hung posters like this, as well as "Welcome Home" banners all over the house today, then went to bring Isaac home!  

We got all of his stuff, got him packed into the car, and we were off.  We stopped on the way for a celebratory dinner at Fuddruckers, and them came home, where he walked into a house filled with decorations.  

We heard "Ooh's" and "ahh's" all the way up the stairs, then when he came to his room and found a big bouquet of balloons in front of the door, he just hopped up and down with excitement.  

We have talked about this transition a lot, but we wanted to make sure he understood what we were celebrating. So tonight, instead of explaining it to him, we asked him questions to see if he could tell us.
Me: Isaac, do you know who we're celebrating tonight?
Me: That's right!  Why are we celebrating you?
Isaac: Because I'm moving in to your house.  I mean my house!
Me: Right!  And who is your family now?
Isaac: You! And Dave!  Oh, and Yarbo.
Me: Right!  And do you ever have to change families again?
Isaac:  Nope! You're my family forever!
See?  I told you the kid was smart!  He gets it!  

We are so, so glad to have him home now.  We can't wait to spend the long weekend relaxing and just being together as a family!

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